About Us

Firm Profile

Aileron Mortgage is a national specialty finance firm, established to provide short-term funding to investors and builders seeking to capitalize on opportunities within the real estate sector. As a bridge lender, Aileron focuses on the origination of short-term real estate loans, residential rehab funding, and ground-up construction loans.

Aileron Mortgage is currently focusing on three core strategies:

  • First and Second Trust Deed/Mortgage Bridge Loans : Short-term funding where Aileron provides a low-LTV first trust deed/mortgage loan to real estate investors looking to acquire residential properties below current market value, or pull cash out of unencumbered properties for the purpose of reinvesting those funds in other transactions. For borrowers in need of a slightly higher loan-to-value, Aileron will provide a second trust deed loan up to 75-80% CLTV; however, the second trust deed loans are for up to a max of 9 months, so a pre-defined exit strategy is required (i.e., not for buy/hold strategy).
  • Residential Rehab Funding: Aileron provides financing for the acquisition of residential investment properties in California and Florida, up to 65% of after-repaired value (ARV). Under this program, Aileron advances up to 80% of the costs associated with the rehab project, including closing costs and interest.
  • Construction Loans:  NEW! Aileron is now offering ground-up construction financing for 1-4 unit residential properties in Florida and California. Aileron's construction program can be used for investment properties, or for owner occupied properties (in conjunction with a permanent loan). These loans are typically 6-12 months in term, and offered at a rate of 8-12% and 2-5 points. Aileron will provide construction loans directly to borrowers, and will also work with permanent mortgage lenders looking to offer construction-to-perm financing.

Aileron Team

The management team at Aileron has over 40 years of combined experience in residential and commercial lending, and has closed in excess of $4 Billion in loans over the past 15 years. The types of transactions financed by the Aileron team range from residential construction loans to environmental remediation loans, both in the U.S. and abroad. Other companies managed by the Aileron executives include Aileron Capital Management, a FINRA-registered broker/dealer and SBA/USDA lender, and EnviroCap, LLC, which provides financing for the environmental clean-up industry.

Our Mission

At Aileron Mortgage, our mission is to be the premier short-term lender in the markets we serve, and the go-to choice for investors and builders seeking to build their real estate business. By providing unique financing options, our goal is to constantly stay ahead of the curve and become an industry-leading niche lender.